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Maria A. Montalvo, Ph.D. says:

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

March 31, 2010 at 8:18 am
Dear Richard and Lisa,
Thank you for The Good Harvest. We only saw it a few days ago and while watching, I was overwhelmed by the fact that my partner, Jim, and I had gone to see a play directed my by old college buddy, Rich Engling, instead, I found myself webbed and reliving a painful experience of the late 80’s. I too have gone through fertility treatments: the expense, the monthly disappointments that ate away at my husband’s and my emotional and financial resources. Preparing for the in vitro implantations, taking the toxic medicines that ravaged my body, only made my commitment to motherhood stronger. Too many parallels. We decided to stop that course and instead decided to adopt. We have a beautiful child from a Guatemalan orphanage. I was deeply touched by the truth the actors conveyed. Thank you again and congratulations. M. Montalvo, Ph.D.


Tuesday, November 10th, 2009
We’ve been getting wornderful emails from audience members after seeing A Streetcar Named Desire. Here’s a few from people who gave us permission to reprint their remarks:
I just saw this intense and powerful production.  I’m speechless and exhausted.  Outstanding!  The whole thing was so well crafted and staged and performed…..but the performance by Laura Sturm as Blanche was over the top in the best possible way – perfect – I’m at a loss for other superlatives – just incredible – truly one of the GREAT performances of the season.
Saw Streetcar 10/24 and LOVED it. I actually felt overwhelmed with emotion at the end of the play. That is the experience I am looking for…more than entertainment.
–Julia von Arb

We saw Streetcar Sunday afternoon.  It is fabulous – staging, direction, acting, and in my decades of watching theater it is rare to see a performance as extraordinary as Laura Sturm’s.
–Lynn Hyndman

Congratulations!  I saw the show tonight.  You created a strong ensemble, and I felt sad for Blanche when she walked out with the doctor.   Really sad.
Best wishes for continued success,
–David Alex
I loved the production and performance Friday night! Great everything and the set–wow! On such a small budget–it was inspiring. Lighting was great, too. Sound design–yes. All the elements came together so beautifully in support of the great cast. Ann did a tremendous interpretative job, too. I’ve recommended it several times already!
–Lisa Rosenthal