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Polarity Volleyball Hits the Sand!

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

by Laura Sturm

Polarity vs. Redmoon

[8/24/2010, Chicago, IL] This Sunday, the Polarity Ensemble Theatre volleyball team debuted with a stunning second place finish in the Great Chicago Theatre Volleyball Tournament!

Okay, so maybe there was only one other team, but folks, we got a trophy with a big red ribbon on it that will look spectacular at the Jo somewhere.  Now, our team was handicapped as we had lost three of our key players:  Charlie “I Only Miss Fun Events if I’m Really Sick” Jordan, Hilary “Buy Me an Organizer” Holbrook and Kim “Needs a Walker” Boler were out of commission for the afternoon! 

The Fighting Polarity

But fortunately – two Polarity familes stepped up.  In first place with the most representation were the Trabue-Eppersons (or Epperson-Trabues) – with Jason “Front Line Slammer” Epperson shoring up the team and the lovely Abby “Got My Hands Full But I Still Look Good” Trabue cheering us on with the help of Jack “I’ll Be a Player Next Year” and Little Ethan “Mommy’s Chest is Much Cooler than Anywhere You Are” helping her out.  And then the fabulous Mathyer family rounded out the team: Mark “I May Have a Farmer’s Tan But I’ll Dive For It” Mathyer and his lovely (and fortunately very athletic) daughters Emily “Digging Them Off the Back Row” and Mary “Firing Them Back Over the Net.”  Well, there was also me, Laura “Sand Between My Teeth” Sturm, diving a lot and occasionally managing to hit a ball.  More diving than hitting, but …

The Trophy!

The Trophy!

Our championship (and only) match was with the lovely (and RIDICULOUSLY athletic) Redmoon Theatre team.  It was a tough match, but they triumphed in the end.  Well, they actually kicked our butts sideways and backwards, but we all managed to have a lot of fun (even if most of us are still removing sand from the crevices of our body).  I will say for us a) We could have been a LOT worse and b) We played with passion – running and leaping and diving and working hard!

Most importantly, we had a great time.  Theatre bonding was had by all.  It was a beautiful day by the lake, and the rest of you really missed out!  But that’s okay, because we’re already planning for the next time!!!
Seriously – thanks so much to the Trabue-Eppersons and the Mathyers for coming out to cheer and play.  And yay to the folks of Red Moon for organizing it – we’ll have more of a heads up next time and maybe even practice – ack! (just for fun!)
Happy Volleyballing to All and Go Polarity!
Laura Sturm